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    My passion is capturing the moments and memories you want to hold onto forever! I love so many things about each stage of life and therefore I choose to photograph them all! Whether you are interested in having me photograph your wedding day, your child's Senior portraits or anything in between, I will be sure to create a fun memorable experience that will leave you with photographs you will treasure forever! From posed shots to those captured in the moment, I strive to create a variety of images you will be proud to display in your home.

    I genuinely want to know who you are and what your style is and I take the time to get to know you before your session so I can be sure to create an experience that best suits you, your family, your child or your wedding day. Be sure to check out the "About" page to find out more about the person behind the camera. I want to feel like we're friends before we even meet in person!

Here in Wisconsin March has come in like a lion with quite a big snow storm.  By this time most people here are done with snow, but secretly I am always excited for a beautiful new blanket of snow. While I watched (and played in) the falling snow I was thinking about how much I love snowy sessions and that I needed to share the engagement session that I shot on a perfect snowy January morning.

Brittney contacted me several months ago inquiring about wedding photography, we exchanged a few emails back and forth and ultimately she decided that she and her fiancé would like to schedule a consult with me, so I sent her my address.  A few minutes later I receive another message saying, “Oh, my Gosh! We’re neighbors!”  Sure enough, she lives only a few short miles from my home.  Talk about a small world!

When I finally met with Brittney and Todd, we had such great conversation and they are just the sweetest most easy going couple…my kind of people.  We chatted about engagement photos and when they would like to have them done.  When they said, this winter in the snow I definitely knew they were my kind of people!  I love my snowy sessions.  So great plan, snowy session…perfect!  Well, if only the weather would cooperate.

It pretty much just rained the entire month of January and I was feeling like they were never going to get their session in the snow.  Finally, by the end of month the weather decided to cooperate, we received a nice new blanket of snow and we were able to set up their engagement session. Whew! When Brittney told me they had decided on the Wade House for their session I was ecstatic!  It is just the most beautiful rustic location and they even had horse-drawn sleigh rides available! Eeeeks!

The day of their session it was perfectly cloudy and we were even lucky enough to have snow lightly falling during the entire session.  What a dream!

After we finished up in the first beautiful location we headed inside for outfit changes and headed back out to get some shots on the horse-drawn sleigh!  Unfortunately, when we got outside there was quite a line of people already waiting so we decided to take advantage of the gorgeous building and got some beautiful shots while we waited for the sleigh.

While the horses rested, the sleigh driver let me sneak Brittney and Todd on the sleigh so we could get some shots of them alone before the next group boarded! They were just so cute all snuggled up and cozy!

Of course after being out in the snow and cold so long they needed to warm up with some hot chocolate…okay so we faked it here with some mugs we borrowed from the gift shop, but it sure made for some super cute photos! They really did get a hot chocolate after this just not in a cute mug. 😉

They thought they were finished after this, but I had plans for juuuust one more spot! I seriously could have photographed them all day!

It may have been cold, but the three of us sure had a blast playing in the snow that morning!  Even Todd admitted he isn’t usually a fan of being in front of the camera, but he was pleasantly surprised with how much fun he had…and that is when I know I did my job well!

So now I am looking forward to their wedding this June and being able to capture more of the love and adoration this sweet couple has for each other!  Can’t wait! 🙂

A special thanks to the kind people at The Wade House for being so accommodating to us during our session!

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    mom - Absolutely amazing! How happy those two must be with the beautiful memories you created. So proud of you and the beauty and artistic quality of your work.ReplyCancel

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    L.L. Ehrhardt - Kristel those photos were excellent!!!!!!!!!!
    You do such wonderful things. So proud of you.
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I had planned on blogging this past year, but with all of the craziness that accompanied it, it just didn’t happen so to make up for it I compiled some of my most favorite photos from all of my sessions last year…and it only took me the entire month of January to get it together! 😉  I hope you enjoy this look back as much as I did! I am so excited for 2017…..and my goal of actually blogging sessions throughout the entire year!

2016 was such an incredible year! I made some big changes to my business, my family moved to a new home and built a new studio there! It has certainly been a whirlwind of a year and I am so thankful for all of the amazing clients that continued to choose me to be their photographer as well as all of the new faces that joined the Capture the Moment Family! As I looked back through all of the sessions/weddings I photographed this year I couldn’t have been filled with more happiness, pride and love!


My studio remodel began in the spring and of course my two “helpers” were always eager to assist!  The anticipation of a bigger brighter space had me chomping at the bit to get it done and able to photograph sessions there. It was a good three months before I was actually able to shoot there, but it was well worth the wait!

My amazing husband surprised me with these beautiful doors etched with my logo!

A beautiful barn board wall, shelving made from the extra pieces, beautiful flooring…this studio is more than I could have ever hoped for!  I am so thankful for my husband and his hours of hard work to make this dream a reality as well as Andrew Gulig (flooring installation) and Kevin Goebel Carpentry for the beautiful finish work!

Of course there is always work to be done and as I am typing this at my make shift office on my kitchen island, my office, off of my studio, is still in the works and will be finished soon!  I cannot wait to see how beautiful the concrete countertop my husband is working on will look when it is finished and to be able to have my own space to work and meet with clients!

Now on to the best part….all of the super amazing fabulous gorgeous people I had the privilege of photographing this year!

So many adorable kids and babies this year!  I just loved capturing each and every one of their personalities!


Ohhhhh, the newborns this year…from triplets to hauling a motorcycle into the studio I just love love loved each and every one of these little nuggets!  And of course the snuggles too!  Keep those babies coming so I keep getting my baby fixes! 😉2017-01-06_0002.jpg

From newborns to Seniors!  My 2017 Seniors knocked it out of the park this year!  Every year I am so lucky to have such sweet and photogenic young adults and this year’s surely did not disappoint! 2018 Seniors it’s not too soon to start thinking about your Senior Portrait session!

Click here to check it out!

Weddings, engagements, couples in love…whether it’s a new couple coming to me for their engagement session or a couple with years of marriage under their belts, I just love love!!!

I am so excited for all of my upcoming 2017 weddings and hoping to meet many more amazing couples like these!

And finally, the families! Life gets crazy busy and it is so wonderful when families schedule time to document what is most important in their lives…family!  From single to extended families, having the opportunity to capture these special moments for all of these families is such an incredible feeling!

Thank you all again for making 2016 another successful year filled with beautiful photos and memories to last a lifetime!  It was such a pleasure working with everyone in these gorgeous photos and I cannot wait to see what 2017 brings! xoxo ~Kristel

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    Kim - What an amazing year you’ve had! Your studio looks amazing!!ReplyCancel


Okay, so here it is…my first official blog post!  As I announce my spring mini sessions for this year I want to also highlight the beautiful afternoon of spring mini sessions I had last year.  Be sure to read all the way to the bottom for information on this year’s Spring mini sessions.  You don’t want to miss out, because if all pans out as planned this year’s will be even better!  Eeeks!

Last year was the first year that I offered spring mini sessions and I am so happy that I finally did because the photos just turned out beautifully!  Autumn is always such a gorgeous and popular time to have photos taken, but I think that each season here in Wisconsin has so much to offer, especially in the spring. It is so refreshing to get back outside after being cooped up all winter (though I have been convincing a few brave souls to have their sessions outdoors in the winter 😉 ).  As everything has been dormant for months I just love seeing the rebirth of it all, the green grass, the blossoms, the freshness in the air, the dandelions, it’s just downright magical!

Thankfully last year the stars aligned and the weather cooperated and the apple trees were still holding on to a good amount of blossoms. I couldn’t have asked for a more gorgeous afternoon and am so grateful for the wonderful people of The Little Farmer to so graciously allow me to hold my mini sessions in their orchard.


I remember the afternoon started out a bit gloomy and the sun would tease and peek out for a bit and I just kept holding my breath that it wouldn’t rain on my afternoon!


Aren’t they just the cutest?!?!


And then they walked away hand in hand with their momma and I couldn’t resist! Absolute gorgeousness!



With gloomy skies overhead I had these two cutie pies next.  I had so much fun with big brother and little sister did everything not to smile, but I still managed to get a few little ones out of her.


My favorite…dandelion blowers!



The clouds broke and the sun came out for the rest of the afternoon!  I was so happy to photograph this adorable couple as I had photographed their wedding the previous spring and now was able to photograph them with their new baby girl! Of course I had to plop her in a bushel basket in the orchard!



I had an absolute blast with these two spunky brothers, I think we may have goofed around more than we took photos, but I sure had more than enough shots to put anyone into cuteness overload!


I just about died when their momma pulled out the aviator glasses…I can’t even…



And more dandelion blowers!



I had the absolute pleasure of photographing one of my dear friends with her two silly sweetie pies and even better we started heading into the beautiful golden light of the afternoon.



They were so natural and just had fun and I love the true genuine images we were able to capture!




I also had to be a little selfish and I snuck my two little loves into my mini sessions. 😉


I’m pretty sure I plastered this photo everywhere, it’s one of my faves and I love this frozen moment in time.


That morning when my mom came to pick up the girls to watch them for the day, I sprung it on her that I would really love it if she could throw together an outfit to go with the girls’ because I really really wanted to photograph her with them.  She spends so much time with them as I have been working away growing my business and she holds such a special place in both of their hearts (as well as mine). She wasn’t sure if she would and I was over the moon excited when she showed up with the girls in an outfit coordinated with theirs and I knew she decided to do it! I know I’m a little biased, but my heart just bursts when I look at these photos with my mom and my girls, because there is no one like Gammie!





To wrap up my mini sessions and squeeze every last ounce of gorgeous light of the day, I had this beautiful momma and her little dude! BloomBlog28


I just love these last two images from their session. Photos a momma will cherish forever!



Right before I was ready to head out my friend and photographer rushed in and asked if I could get a quick shot of her with her kiddos.  Well, of course I would!  Too often as moms (and especially as photographers) we rarely make it into the photos so I was more than happy to make sure she was in this one…even if she isn’t looking at the camera! 😉



Well, there it is. I did it!  I finally wrote my first blog and it was so fun to look back on this gorgeous day and it gets me even MORE excited for the upcoming Spring Mini Sessions this year!  If you enjoyed it too and want some fresh beautiful photos, make sure to contact me to get your spot booked ASAP!  I cannot wait!!! 🙂


Spring Mini2016


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    Kathy gendron - Your blog is awesome and so are the pics… always! Good luck with spring 16 mini sessions!ReplyCancel